We love what we do — and our contributors feel that love.

The people behind Dissolve truly care. They care about the quality of the content on the site and it shows. They truly care about their contributors and their growth as artists. Dissolve is the only library that’s had someone meet me for a coffee and one-on-one chat about my portfolio!”

Bevan Goldswain



“Dissolve caught our eye because of their massive reinvestment in their own product. Their advertising is well-placed, imaginative, and audience specific, which is what you look for as a contributor. Dissolve has mastered the art of connecting creativity with commerce, and when you're running a business, that's everyone’s bottom line. It's been a wonderful collaboration so far, and we're really looking forward to seeing where we can go together.”


We create buzz for your footage.

The marketing videos we create are full of our contributors’ awesome footage — and people love them. They’ve received coverage in TIME, Mashable, Devour, Wired, Fast Company, Adweek, MTV, Fstoppers, and BuzzFeed. Four are Vimeo Staff Picks, and all of them together have amassed over 3 million views to date.


It’s creatively rewarding.

Some of best filmmakers and stock producers from around the world are with Dissolve — our rapidly growing collection of unique, compelling footage is a testament to that. Like you, we care about story, shot quality, camera movement, style, mood, and technique, and encourage that in our contributors.



Financially rewarding too.

Whether you’ve been shooting video for years or are just getting started, licensing stock is a great way to earn income, while seeing your footage in some pretty cool projects. Our customers include major ad agencies, Hollywood film studios and production companies, and Fortune 500 companies. Contributors tell us Dissolve is one of their top-earning sites.

Exclusivity has its benefits.

If you join Dissolve as an exclusive contributor, you’ll receive perks such as a preferred royalty rate, a discount on Dissolve footage, front-of-the-line processing of clips, and the opportunity to have a featured contributor page and a contributor spotlight.



No time to edit? Try Liftoff™.

Exclusive contributors can also opt for our free Liftoff service. Submit your footage, and if it meets program guidelines, we’ll process, edit, and color correct, and even create keywords and metadata for it all, for free. Spend more time out shooting — leave the rest to us.



Though you're always free to find your own niche, we help you identify in-demand subject and styles, based on customer searches and requests. Refer to our in-depth shoot briefs, or have a look at what's hot in our lists. 


Speak to your own actual person.

No digging through group message boards and online forums for information or waiting for anonymous canned email replies. You’ll have your own representative to speak to. And if you’re just getting started with stock, we have people who are happy to help you learn the ropes.

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