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We love stories. And we want to celebrate yours.

Our contributors aren’t strictly stock shooters. They’re producers, filmmakers, designers, and cinematographers. They’re storytellers at heart.

And when they came to us with beautifully edited vignettes and the HD video clips used in them, we had an epiphany: Dissolve had to showcase vignettes, not just clips. 

The result is a site that delivers inspiration and creativity to customers, paired with a great collection of curated content.

We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite contributor reels here. Most of the clips you see in them are available for licensing from Dissolve. 

Show off your clips.

We love showing off beautiful footage, so naturally we pour our creativity into producing the best videos to show off your great camera work.  

Here are a few showreels produced by Dissolve’s creative team, using clips from our talented contributors.

Creatively rewarding. Financially too.

Whether you’ve been shooting video for years or just getting started, stock is a way for you to license all those videos you’ve been shooting. Dissolve can help bring your work to buyers worldwide that are looking for high-quality, professionally shot footage. Licensing your videos through Dissolve means you can sell each clip over and over, creating a passive income for years to come.

The art of stock video

Dissolve is different. Our footage is different. Why? Because we care about things like story, filmmaking, shot quality, camera movement, style, mood, and technique. Mostly, we’re different because we care about the same things you do.

Become part of an awesome community

We’re privileged to be working with some of the best filmmakers and stock producers from around the world. It’s an incredible community of talented individuals who are helping us change the face of stock video, one clip at a time. We’d love for you to be a part of that too.

Exclusivity has its benefits

If you decide to sell your footage exclusively through us, you’ll get perks such as a higher royalty rate, a discount on Dissolve footage, and your own profile page. (Here’s an example.)

No time to edit your footage? Let us do it.

Another benefit of being a Dissolve Exclusive contributor? For a wee fee, you can send us your hard drives of raw footage. We’ll select and edit clips and add metadata. Our contributors love this service.

Submit as much as you want

Not only do we accept bulk submissions, we want them! No do-it-yourself uploads and monthly limits. Send us as many clips as you want via the dissolve contributor upload site. We’ll do the rest.

Dedicated contributor reps

No digging through group message boards and online forums for information or waiting for replies from anonymous form emails. You’ll have your own contributor representative to communicate with.



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