• Dentist office
  • Emergency room
  • Family doctor office
  • Health clinic
  • Hospital (beds, rooms, exterior/interior establishing shots)
  • Science lab
  • Optometrist office
  • Waiting room
  • *All with a signed Location Release
Medical Practices
  • Blood donation
  • Broken bones getting casts
  • Dentist working on patient
  • Doctor checking in with patient, discussing results
  • Doctor giving child a needle
  • Doing research in a lab
  • Patient getting treatment
  • Performing an operation/surgery
  • Sick women/men/children in hospital bed
  • Starting/finishing surgery
  • Taking blood pressure
Medical Technology
  • Looking at scans on computer
  • Medical data charts
  • Medical equipment
  • Microscope in lab, looking at slides
  • Patient's monitors
  • Patient scans (CT, MRI, X-Ray, etc)
  • Pharamaceutical manufacturing
  • Robots used in surgery
  • Scientists working in lab
  • Test tubes used in lab
  • Ultrasound machine
  • Using a tablet to show results
  • Wearable health trackers
  • Different experiments you can do in labs with heat/equipment
  • First person (Go Pro on head) shots of lab experiments
  • High school experiments and labs
  • Microscopic footage
  • Teenagers doing lab work
  • Child patient in hospital bed
  • Elderly patient in hospital bed
  • Emergency team tending to patient
  • Equipment technicians
  • Ethnically diverse doctors of different fields
  • Home caregiver
  • Male and female nurses
  • Medical student learning from doctor
  • Paramedics in ambulance
  • Youthful patient
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