• Call centers
  • Creative startup offices
  • Data centers
  • Exterior of office buildings
  • Home office
  • Modern offices
  • News reporting office
  • Non-profit businesses
  • Open concept offices
  • Small businesses
  • Team collaboration
  • Tech company (high tech office)
  • Traditional office cubicles
  • Working late in the office
  • Brainstorming on whiteboard or on smartboard
  • Conference call
  • Handshake greeting, or departure
  • Interactive meetings - Skype
  • Meeting at a restaurant or café
  • Team meetings
  • Video call


  • Coders side-by-side working on computer
  • Modern computers on desks
  • Projections screens (or large monitors) in meeting room
  • Using a tablet to share results
  • Using interactive screens
  • Using smart phones
  • Video calling on phone or projection
  • Wearable tech in the office (watches, glasses, etc)
  • Writing code
  • Celebrating successes (individual or team)
  • Discussing business plans
  • Filling out paperwork
  • Giving a presentation to team or clients in a large theatre or shop floor
  • Going on a business trip
  • Making a deal (handshake)
  • Setting up a computer/office equipment
  • Signing contracts
  • Walking through the office
  • Watching a presentation
People of Business
  • Casual business wear
  • Creative professionals
  • Females leaders directing a meeting
  • Front desk administration
  • Interns in the office
  • I.T professional working on computer
  • Managers and CEOs
  • Modern and trendy business professionals
  • Multi-ethnic business professionals
  • Portrait/testimonial shots - looking into camera
  • Reporters
  • Senior aged professionals
  • Small business owners
  • Stressed employee with too much work
  • Young professional
Team Building
  • After work drinks with coworkers
  • Construction (Habitat for Humanity type building)
  • Office party
  • Team building activities in office (games, discussions, BBQs, etc)
  • Work sports team game
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