What we’re looking for

When shooting for Dissolve, keep in mind these popular categories and specific subjects within them:



  • Children, babies, innocence, childhood dreams, children’s “firsts,” adventures, playing, siblings, daily interaction with parents or grandparents, birthdays
  • Families, family issues, raising a family, moving into a new home
  • Pets, pet health, pet care
  • Seasonal, holidays, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, etc.
  • Young adults, teenagers, skateboarding, teen hobbies, teen issues, hipsters, young parents, fun, energetic, fashionable styles
  • Friends, eating at restaurants, night club life, dancing, parties, concerts, ballroom dancing
  • Dating, romance, first date, relationship issues, happy couples, true love
  • Gay and lesbian couples, gay marriage, equality, diversity, same-sex parents and families, coming out
  • Healthy lifestyle, working out, fit people, eating habits
  • Sports, exercise, training, outdoor activities, hiking
  • Transportation
  • Traveling, vacations
  • Relaxation, massage, yoga
  • Recreation


  • Preschool, fun activities, early learning
  • All stages of school: kindergarten; elementary, middle, and high school; college and university
  • Classroom environments, interactivity
  • One-on-one tutoring, student-teacher relationships
  • Emotions, bullying, first day at school
  • Making friends at school
  • Adult students, continuing education
  • Learning methodologies
  • Tests, homework
  • Graduation


  • New gadgets and technology in lifestyle, work, business, industry, etc.
  • Green-screen shots of hands using tablets, phones, etc., green-screened gadget screens
  • How technology affects life — the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Children using technology
  • Learning through technology


  • Buildings, landmarks, cities
  • Famous destinations
  • Fun travel activities: surfing, swimming, hiking, sunbathing, etc.
  • Modes of transportation, ways of traveling
  • Culture and people




  • Collaborative work environments, meetings, cool work spaces
  • Small business owners, young entrepreneurs 
  • Working from anywhere
  • Fashionable business, “sexy” business
  • How technology is affecting business; use of phones, tablets, etc., for business
  • Worldwide business
  • Work education
  • Signing deals, agreements, checks, closing deals
  • Success, failure 
  • Cubicle life, executive life
  • Stressful work


  • Hospitals, examination and hospital rooms
  • Nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff
  • Newborns
  • Illness, being sick, suffering from different ailments
  • One-on-one care
  • Children’s care, childhood illness
  • Surgery, tools, equipment details
  • New technology and other advancements
  • Blood donation, measuring blood pressure
  • Science

Motion Graphics

  • Animations, backgrounds
  • 3D objects, animation
  • Pre-keyed elements: smoke, glass breaking, gun shots, fire, etc.
  • Shapes, colors, typography in motion
  • Textures


  • Trades
  • Oil and gas, oil sands
  • Trucking
  • Shipping, ports
  • Manufacturing


  • Fashion, bizarre
  • Liquids, slow motion, ink drops
  • Fantasy
  • Conceptual, stylized
  • Sexy


  • Signs and symbols
  • Traditions, holidays, special events
  • Cultural diversity in faith
  • Churches, places of worship
  • People of religion
  • Objects of religion


  • Animal kingdom
  • Wildlife
  • Insects
  • Underwater