Dissolve stock library needs 


We are looking for the following subjects to fill a customer request, a gap in our collection, and/or an upcoming event.

If you have any content relevant to these subjects, please upload your batch(es) and email contributors@dissolve.com to notify us.



1.  Diverse models (View our updated Diversity Shoot Brief

2.  Exterior day and night shots of same house

3.  Released sports footage (basketball, soccer, etc)

4. Exterior of apartment buildings (non-aerials)

5. Vertical shots on mobile. Any subject.

6. Exterior car shots (preferably released) 



1. Life post COVID-19 lockdowns

2. Portraits representing diverse models

3. Sustainable living (plastic free)

4. Authentic moments at home (messy room, everyone on phones, messy hair, etc)

5. Outside shots of homes in day and night

6. Families spending time together at home (board games, cooking, crafts, etc)



This page was last updated July 2021. It is up to the discretion of Dissolve to prioritize these batches.