How to apply to be a contributor

Before you apply, we recommend reviewing the clips on our home page, footage page, and clips we like gallery to get an idea of the quality and subject matter of the footage we're looking for. (Sorry, we're not seeking stock photo contributors at this time. However, you may still register your interest, and we'll get back to you in the coming months.) 

After that, here’s how it works:



  1. Apply. Submit your application with links to your work. We'll get back to you within four weeks. If we like your work, we'll ask you to …
  2. Send some sample clips. Submit a sample batch of stock clips. We'll get back to you within a week. If we like your samples – congrats! – you’re in. 
  3. Sign on the dotted line. Sign our contract and provide us with your tax information.
  4. Upload your clips. Once you're a contributor, you can upload clips within the limits we set for you (from 25 clips per month to unlimited).

Good luck!